Solano County Department of Child Support Services

Customer Survey

To help evaluate and understand the needs of our child support customers, please complete the survey below. By completing the survey, you will help identify areas for improvement. Thank you.

1. How did you most recently contact the child support program?

2. The Child Support Professional I spoke with treated me with respect.

3. The Child Support Professional was knowledgeable and responsive to my questions.

4. The Child Support Professional helped me understand the child support process and what I can expect.

5. The response time to my inquiry met my expectation.

6. Please rate your most recent experience with Solano County Child Support.

7. It was convenient and easy to access a Child Support Professional.

8. It was convenient and easy to access the child support information I needed.

If you would like a follow-up call, please provide your name and phone number below.

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