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The Cache Slough HCP is intended to provide Endangered Species Act protection for existing water diversion owners/operators in the Cache Slough area.  The survey will help us to better understand the needs of the water diversion owners.  We also welcome general comments.  Your input is essential to shape the Cache Slough Complex Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and your response is appreciated. The Virtual Cache Slough Community Meeting is on Thursday, October 22, 2020 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm.  You may respond to the survey prior to the workshop or by October 29, 2020.

Tell us who you are

Are you a Water Diversion owner or representative, in the Cache Slough area?
Are you the property owner of which the water diversion(s) is located?
If you are not the property owner, do you operate an intake for a property which you lease?
Do you report all of your water diversions through the State of Water Resources Control Board?
Are you diverting under the North Delta Water Agency Contract?
Are you interested in participating in the Cache Slough Habitat Conservation Plan?

Water Usage

What time of the year do you operate the water intake? (Answer all that apply)
Please describe the water usage
Water Usage TypeYesNo
Fish and Wildlife Enhancement
Recreation (duck clubs, hunting clubs)

Operations and Maintenance

In order to understand the operations and operator’s needs, please describe the maintenance and other activities related to water supply infrastructure on your property such as intakes, drains, and trash racks.

How frequently
How frequently
How frequently



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